Characteristics of the san Pedro cactus

Echinopsis Pachanoi, also called as San Pedro Cactus and is a cactus native to the Andes of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. It grows at an altitude of approximately 1000-3000 meters and is largely used as an ornamental plant. In these countries, anyway, it is top known for its healing and hallucinogenic features. Mainly the Moche civilization has made of it using the cactus for divination and healing objectives.

Properties and uses
The San Pedro ceremony is really shocking and transformative. The San Pedro is extremely strong cure, the effect lasts twice as long as the Ayahusasca, and opens the heart to peace and love towards oneself and the globe. Ayahuasca is generally represented as the female part of the two sacred master plants and San Pedro is the male part.

Generally, in a healing experience, the mind is on the way to the window of the heart. The San Pedro goes straight to the heart.
Ayahusaca is more of an inside journey into the universe within you, while San Pedro is more of an outside journey that shows you how other dimensions combine with physical reality, presenting you your multidimensional nature. Your motor expertise are not as affected by the San Pedro as they are by the Ayahuasca, which is why you generally take walks in nature during the ceremony.

Among the most general effects that this mater plant can make you feel there is the chance to bring back to mind distant memories, which you thought you had forgotten on which you can then go to job with the help of the Spirit of San Pedro. You can also acquire an interested capability to view and feel the globe around you by feeling an unconditional love for any being or earthly creature and for any inanimate entity and form.

Cactus San Pedro has been linked with strong antimicrobial features that stop the growth of more than a dozen strains of penicillin-resistant bacteria, such as Staphylococcus.

San Pedro contains top concentrations of the psychoactive compound known as mescaline.

The preparation of San Pedro for healing use takes a high time. Sometimes, it takes up to twenty-four hours for the full preparation process. First, the plant is cut into little pieces. Then, the pieces are boiled until they are extremely soft. Once they are soft enough, they are crushed and filtered out of all the liquid. The liquid is then included to the water used for boiling the plant.
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